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Presented by Vancouver Television and Clarins: Ms. Vancouver 2019

Proud of our Miss Philippines Vancouver 2019, Shawna Pedida Warhurst who won Ms. Vancouver 2019 First Runner-Up & Best in Catwalk Winner!

Stunning, sassy and classy are just a few words to describe Shawna. Her alluring, distinctive beauty transcends to the next level with her lovely personality. She just knows how to make an entrance on and off stage, giving you that lasting impression. With her confidence and experience in pageantry, she exudes such a remarkable winning attitude. Exemplified in her swimsuit presentation, her uniqueness radiated in her excellent walk, poise and grace. As a result, she won Best in Swimsuit. Her dedication to community outreach earned her the award for Miss Philippines International of BC - Miss Community 2019 as one of the top winners.

Shawna shines so radiantly everywhere she goes. Her journey is as important as the destination. So proud of her determination to embody her pride in maintaining that exquisite poise and personality on stage and behind the scenes. Shawna's optimism throughout the challenges throughout her month of competition continued to amaze. Her accomplishments, attitude and aspirations manifest beyond being beautiful. Your victory serves to amaze all!

Congratulations & special thanks to Vancouver Television

Photography by Brown Design

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